A Second Invocation

Fifty thousand words complete,
A sparrow spreads his wings,
Kindled, now, with newfound heat,
A power that softly sings,

Far now from my heart’s desire,
Much distance from here to there,
To win I must yet fly much higher,
A sparrow can’t save a bear,

Time now to spread newfound wings,
I’ve never outflown this doom,
But I’ve got precious little choice,
‘Lest my friend find a rav’nous tomb,

Clio give me patience,
Urania give me sight,
Erato give me passion,
Calliope help me fight,

Terpsichore make me agile,
Euterpe help me rhyme,
Klaus and Jullianne stay with me,
Polyhymnia give me time,

To win this day I must ascend,
To the plane of much larger birds,
Goddesses please guide my flight,
I must first reach one million words.

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