Twenty-Seven of Thirty

The moral of today’s story is that even when you are in a new and unfamiliar city and have no idea who the good dentists are, you should not put off visiting one for two years, otherwise you will have all the cavities and have to have your teeth replaced with a stainless steel maw like you’re Jaws from The Spy Who Loved Me.

I am, of course, exaggerating. You can only have half of your teeth replaced by villainous murder weapons in one day, so we’re going to have the rest installed next week.

Due to that dental appointment, I once again had my entire schedule shuffled around and my writing time pushed to the edge of midnight, which, y’know, isn’t that weird a place for it to be, so whatever. I reached 44,776 out of 45,000 before midnight and got up to 45,027 within fifteen minutes of midnight. Once again, the issue here is that I cannot use that trick for the November 30th words. I’m going to try and aim for 2.5k words a day for this home stretch so that come November 30th, I will already have succeeded. If I end up hitting that mark at 12:30 on November 30th instead of 11:30 on November 29th, it won’t make a big difference the way it would if that were 12:30 on December 1st versus 11:30 on November 30th.

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