Five of Thirty

My laptop crashes sometimes. After a crash, any attempt to start it up again will result in another crash within 20-30 minutes. The machine absolutely needs a solid eight-ish hours to cool off before it can be used again. Geek Squad opened the thing up for me and confirmed that the fan is working fine, so I don’t even know what the problem here is. What I do know is that if the computer happens to crash while I’m writing for the night, it is not coming back until the morning. As such, Saturday’s total was 8,647 out of 8,334. I’m on target, but only because I doubled up during that write-in at the library on Friday. I’m worried these crashes might become more frequent. I anticipated this might be a problem and have been writing in Google docs, so I can access the draft from a library machine if need be, but being forced to write only on library hours could be a serious impediment.

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