Three of Thirty

So there’s this website called that I have a grandfathered free membership to. You write into their word processor and it tracks how many words you’ve written with the goal being to write 750 words a day. The problem is, it expects you to use their actual word processor, but their word processor is awful. It exports things as .txt files with the line breaks removed and no italics or bold, and digging up previous days’ work in the word processor itself for direct copy/pasting requires using a clunky interface that requires loading a new page every time you want to scroll back a month, so God help you if you’re trying to dig up some stuff you wrote back in 2013. I just use Google docs to write and then copy/paste things into 750 words. The problem with this is that 750 words cuts you off at exactly midnight, which means if I’m writing late at night (as I often am) and realize that the deadline is in two minutes, by the time I’ve logged in, figured out where the last day’s writing left off, and copied all the new words from my main document, the hour has passed and the whole day is marked as zero words. The subsequent day then gets to have doubled up words, so weekly and monthly word output is still recorded accurately, but the actual 750 words per day streak is not. I’m considering switching over to copy/pasting the previous day’s work right after midnight, since getting it in at 12:10 instead of 12:05 won’t ruin everything the way getting it in at 12:00 instead of 11:55 does.

Also, I’m at 5,314 out of 5,000 words today, and the actual word writing got done before midnight (with time to spare), so I’m good on that front.

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