Invoke The Muses

Euterpe bless my lyric,
Help me reach your sisters eight,
I’ve exhausted means empiric,
To overcome my wretched state,

Melpomene, the sword and mace,
I called you Julianne,
And your steady mourning gaze,
Has long helped guide my pen,

Thalia, despite the burns,
The searing of my soul,
To you I hope I will return,
Recovered and made whole,

Terpsichore I’m not of your court,
But my sister is devout,
Lend to me divine support,
And she’ll always have my clout,

Polyhymnia, the veil divine,
Please bring me some acclaim,
I offer praise to muses nine,
With each book that brings me fame,

Erato, I’m no stranger,
I’ve been with you before,
Now that I’m in danger,
I need you to help me soar,

Urania, the philosopher,
And charter of heavens,
Please help me to not suffer,
As I face Armageddon,

Clio, I have been with you,
Since I was but a child,
Please show me this loyalty too,
Please bless me with your smile,

Calliope, my patron,
To you I’ve always been allied,
Now I need your motivation,
Please do not leave my side.

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