The River Cult Addendum

I accidentally left out a paragraph from the rewards section of the River Cult section. I could edit it in rather than making an extra post, but then I’d pass up an opportunity to be lazy.

Rewards: If the characters side with the sorcerer and summon up the daemonette, then they can ride with her down the Grey River. Each time they come to a small town along the way (i.e. not Imberkavitas, the Enclave, Brandt’s Landing, or Echo Lake), the sorcerer (under the daemonette’s enchantment) will send cultists, including the characters, to scout the place for anything interesting, seeking especially drugs and slaves to keep the party going. When the barge reaches Brandt’s Landing, it will dock at Winter Harbor, the daemonette will sequester herself inside, and the cult will begin trying to subvert the town for Slaanesh. Whether they end up fighting with or aiding the Faceless Cult already present will depend largely on how initial interactions between them go. If the two begin to fight due to misunderstanding, both the daemonette and the Thin Man will attempt to carry that grudge through to completion, but if one determines the other also serves Slaanesh early on, the Thin Man’s Faceless Witch will attempt to make a vassal of the daemonette.

The ritual components in the ritual room can be recovered and the party can use them to conduct similar rituals elsewhere, causing the water level to rise by fifteen meters after six characters spend six rounds conducting the ritual. To be a part of the ritual, five of the participants must pass a Routine(+20) Forbidden Lore (Heresy) check, while a sixth must pass a Challenging(+0) Forbidden Lore (Heresy) check. Additional ritualists may be added only in sets of six. Participating in the ritual causes 1d5 Corruption, and leading it causes 1d10 Corruption. Additionally, the ritual summons up a daemonette upon completion, and if she isn’t pleased by the havoc wrought by the ritual (or intimidated by the firepower the ritualists have at their disposal), she’ll attempt to kill the ritualists immediately. If she is pleased (or intimidated), she will express her admiration for the ritual leader and offer herself as their concubine, a position which she will use to try and lead them to further acts of debauched worship. If the daemonette becomes convinced that the ritualist she’s offered herself to isn’t going to further the cause of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll, she’ll try to kill them in their sleep and slip off to have some fun on her own.

If the characters end up saving the town and either successfully persuaded the local Red Guard to help them destroy the cult or else destroyed the Red Guard in the process/in addition to the cult, they may install themselves or a friend as the town’s new ruler. Anyone installed as ruler gains 1d10 Influence, and anyone associated with the new ruler gains 1d5. Either way, they can levy the two for two Influence to automatically succeed on any Influence check in the town. The village can provide anything that’s common or cheaper, any solid projectile weapon or service that’s average or cheaper, any medical care, low-tech weapon, or armour that’s scarce or cheaper, and any drug or consumable that’s rare or cheaper.

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