Salt Lake Comic Con 2017

The fifth annual Salt Lake Comic Con is now over. I attended, which means I can once more shirk my responsibilities to post actual content, this time by instead posting lots of cosplay pictures!

This year’s Where’s Waldo was pretty easy. I found him like ten minutes after arriving at the convention.
They weren’t sure what to do with their beer for the shot, so I offered a suggestion.
Five Nights At Freddy’s as a whole got pretty horribly overexposed and overdeveloped, but the Puppet has largely avoided that fate.
I only know Hellsing from the abridged series, but God I love him.
There’s Spider-Men at every convention, and with the release of Homecoming it’s not surprising that this one is no exception. This was the best group I found.
Kairi seems popular this year. This is one of two Sora/Kairi couples costumes I found, and I found a Kairi on her own, too. These guys were, like me, probably about the same age as Sora and Kairi (fifteen) when these costumes debuted in Kingdom Hearts 2. They still haven’t released KH3.
I normally don’t approve of roping kids into family costumes, but I’ll make an exception for this one.
Vegeta seems popular this year.
This is a really well done costume. It still feels wrong being at eye level with Pyramid Head.
You couldn’t do Pyramid Head like this, because he’s thickly built, not gangly. It works great for Jack Skellington, though. I love these stilt costumes.
Good to see Undertale is still representing.
This year didn’t even come close to knocking the FanX off its perch as “most Harley Quinns in a Salt Lake Comic Con ever,” which is hardly surprising since Suicide Squad was released right around the 2017 FanX. The density of interesting Harleys didn’t improve, either, with the crowd still mainly consisting of Suicide Squad Harleys. This was my favorite Harley of the con, along with her Joker.
Zero Suit Samus, being a relatively easy costume, shows up semi-regularly. A good Power Suit Samus is much harder. This one’s pretty decent.
I’m a sucker for good chain mail on a costume.
I haven’t heard much about the new Powerpuff Girls. Is it any good?


I’m also a sucker for Kingdom Hearts.
Sweet Jesus look at the size of this cosplay group!
Alice in Wonderland always gets at least a few good costumes each year, but this is the first time I’ve seen a group this big.

And now my personal favorite, a costume that had to be .gif’d just to show it off properly:


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