I Have No Idea What’s Up With The Timezones On This Blog – Also, All Comments Are Moderated And Here’s Why

Two announcements concerning technical issues to do with the blog. Number one, the default timezone for this blog is supposed to be GMT, since it has an international audience and in theory an international authorship, so we go with the international default. In practice, the blog seems to snap to my local timezone sometimes, and I have no idea how to fix that when it does, nor do I think it big enough an issue to bother doing so when that’s time I could be spending writing more blog posts and preventing my buffer from running dry (can you tell this wasn’t supposed to be a one-man job?).

Second, the extremely rare commenters on this blog might have noticed that your comments aren’t showing up immediately. This is because all comments on this blog have to be individually approved by me, and the reason for that is because legit comments are so rare that they are actually outnumbered by spam comments. By which I mean that I’ve had like five spam comments and I think only one legit comment at this point in the blog’s life. Hopefully that second number will improve over time.

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