The Tentacle Monster

We’re in Vestitas. And no, it’s not a fetish thing. This monster just wants to eat people. As in, physically ingest them for calories. So, I guess if you’re into vore it actually is a fetish thing.

Summary: A man-eating tentacle monster lurks out in the jungle, devouring everything that wanders near its lair.

Discovery: If characters passing through this hex roll a 1 on their random encounter, the monster discovers them. Otherwise, they instead find the dessicated remains of a large animal.

Exploration: An Ordinary(+10) Survival check will allow them to track the creature down to the pond where it lives. A Difficult(-10) Medicae check on the remains will reveal the betentacled nature of the killer from the suction marks left behind on bones, as well as the size of the monster. Knowing that they’re looking for some kind of cephalopod, a Routine(+20) Scholastic Lore (Beasts) check will reveal that it must live in a body of water (even if it’s become amphibious), and a Routine(+20) Survival check will then allow the party to locate the largest pond in the area, which is in fact the creature’s lair. Characters can also skip straight to the Survival check to locate the pond if they figure out for themselves that they’re looking for a large body of water.

If encountered outside of its lair (for example, if the characters track it down before it reaches its home or if they randomly encounter it), it will retreat when heavily wounded. It is not very agile on land, but will fling away any pursuing characters who get within the long reach of its appendages. If the characters chase from a distance, the jungle provides armour 4 cover from ranged attacks, and because the creature is constantly moving through the woods, it moves to new cover each round. Due to how thick the woods are, it is never out of cover, even when moving. Characters must be five meters or closer to deny the monster its cover penalty so long as the monster is using at least one half action to move. If the characters remain outside the monster’s grasp, it has a chance to escape, rolling Stealth at a +10 bonus for the cover each round to disappear into the foliage. If the tentacle monster manages to escape, following in the immediate aftermath of the wounded monster’s trail to its pond lair requires only an Easy(+30) Survival check.

Confrontation: The monster is non-sentient and will fight to the death to defend its home, however it will not surface to fight when heavily wounded, instead retreating to the depths. If it is wounded while in the depths, it will emerge to the surface and attempt to eliminate all threats before retreating again. When near its home, its preferred method of attack is to grapple creatures and drag them down into the depths to drown them.

Rewards: The creature makes for some fine calamari (an Ordinary(+10) Survival check will convert it into about 900 kilograms of rations, although this food is less weight efficient than a ration pack and thus it requires 3kg to get the effects of a ration pack – the meat will also spoil after a few days), but other than that the only reward for slaying the beast is that there is no longer any chance of being ambushed by it while passing through the hex.

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