The Living Dead, Part 2

Back in Vestitas to finally finish up this half of the encounter/dungeon crawl. We’ll find the estate and the Nurgle sorcerer here.

The Living Dead - Estate

A) This courtyard in front of the manor is where the behemoth zombie will retreat if he loses half his wounds or more in the town square outside. A pair of phage zombies with autoguns are here to back him up, the former guards of the manor, along with four plague zombies. The behemoth zombie will fight to the death here. A small gate at B to the side leads to the back gardens of the manor, while the main door leads into the foyer at D.

B) There’s a small gate here, leading from the back garden of the manor at C to the front courtyard at A.

C) The gardens here in the back of the manor are infested with a pair of dog zombies. A Difficult(-10) Awareness test is required to notice the zombies before they begin their attack due to the overgrown weeds and tangled underbrush. A Challenging(+0) Athletics check will take a character over the back wall and into the street at location J on the town map. A gate at the western wall leads to the front courtyard, and on the south is a large door leading into the ballroom and a patio in front of a glass wall with a door leading to the dining room. A Difficult(-10) Athletics check will allow a character to climb the pillars that support the balcony above the patio, which leads to the master suite at H.

D) The dilapidated remains on this grand foyer are home to only a single plague zombie staggering about on the bottom floor. Two curved staircases lead up to a balcony that wraps around the far wall from the entrance and both walls to the side. Between the two side balconies is a large chandelier. Across this entire top level the hunter zombie lurks, ready to ambush and slaughter any living creature who makes a ruckus, most definitely including anyone who engages the plague zombie on the ground floor. The hunter zombie was formerly the lady of the manor. She was a recluse and disliked having anyone in her home. That dislike has been hideously amplified now. She has a Disposition of 10 and an unhinged personality, and may be convinced to help the characters evict the Nurgle cultist and other zombies from the home. She adamantly refuses to let others into her house for any reason except to help her evict others, and will not let anyone remain after that job is done. Nurgle cultists can help her reach enlightenment by convincing her that it doesn’t matter how many other people share the house with her, it will always be hers, and she can always be alone in her own mind. This is a pretty unwelcome line of persuasion, however, and all Charm or similar checks made along these lines take a -10 penalty. The door at the top of the curved staircases leads to the master suite at H, two doors on the ground floor lead off to the guest rooms at F and the dining room at E, a large door underneath the balcony, between the curved staircases, leads to the ballroom at G, and a hidden servants’ door off to the side leads to the cellar at I.

E) Food rots on the dining room table where a phage zombie, the former chef of the manor, continues to pile it up, going back and forth from the nearby kitchen, pulling more rotten meat, fruit, and bread from the pantry, spending hours mashing it together in various bizarre and repulsive combinations, and then placing the decayed meat sludge and moldy bread combination onto the growing mound that’s slowly burying the large dining table. A pair of plague zombies hide in a corner, and will become aggressive if there’s a ruckus in the dining room. Two doors on the east wall lead to the ballroom at G and the entrance hall at D, and the back wall is a glass and leads out to a patio at the back gardens at C.

F) In this wing of the mansion are the moth eaten guest rooms. A single phage zombie remains here, once one of the few guests welcomed by the manor’s lady, now wandering the hall and its rooms looking for her for their evening meeting in his room. The hall is a dead end on one end and leads back to the foyer at D at the other.

G) This grand ballroom is now completely deserted, the paint on its walls fading away and one of the chandeliers having come crashing to the floor. There’s a door in the back that leads out to the gardens at C, one to the west that leads to the dining hall at E, and another to the south that leads to the entrance hall at D.

H) The master suite on the upper floor still contains two plague zombies mulling about from the bedroom to the bath. A balcony at the back overlooks the gardens at C, and the main door to the suite leads out to the top of the balcony overlooking the foyer at D.

I) The cellars here are home to the servants’ quarters, the wine cellar, and a large boiler room. Mulling about the area are no less than fifteen plague zombies, two phage zombie attendants who act as the personal bodyguards of the Nurgle sorcerer, and of course the Nurgle sorcerer himself, zombie lord of the manor. If the Nurgle sorcerer is confronted, he’ll spend his first full action to call the zombies. Any surviving zombies at any location in the town will begin moving towards the cellars to join the fight, moving at a rate of about one area per round and taking the fastest route possible from their location. Zombies who arrive in the fight do so having spent their entire round getting there and will not be able to act in the fight until the next round. If the characters are Nurgle cultists and have not already talked all five sapient zombies into enlightenment, the sorcerer will tell them where they’re located and ask them to do so.

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