The Dragon

Nope, not Thar, we’re still in Vestitas. This dragon is an unintelligent beast that lairs out in the jungles of Vestitas and occasionally eats cattle. The jungles of Vestitas are basically a big chunk of death world on an otherwise normal planet, and creatures like this one are the reason why.

Summary: A massive dragon makes its lair in a mountaintop cave and occasionally menaces the ranchers living in the villages of nearby hexes.

Discovery: If the players have been notified of the problem by the dragon’s attacks on nearby ranches, the dragon can be tracked back to its lair with a successful Hard(-20) Survival check. The likely location for its lair can also be deduced with a Challenging(+0) Scholastic Lore (Beasts) check. If players just happen across the place while exploring, the cattle bones strewn about might prompt further exploration.

Exploration: The dragon is an unintelligent, diurnal predator. During daylight it ranges out to nearby hexes looking for food. Only at night does it come home to roost. This means that during daylight hours the cavern will be empty, and during the night it will be occupied by a sleepy or sleeping dragon.

Confrontation: The dragon’s hide gives it AP 5, it has Flyer(45), and if confronted it will take to the skies and attempt to strafe enemies with its breath weapon, which acts as a heavy flamer with the Maximal quality added and which cannot be reloaded once it runs out of “ammo” (the dragon’s body will naturally regenerate the chemicals it uses to make the breath weapon, but this will take a full day). As most firearms outrange the dragon, any party with decent ranged firepower should bring it down in short order.

Reward: There is a bounty on the dragon’s head up for collection in Imberkavitas worth 1d10 Influence split amongst the party. As the dragon is an unintelligent beast, there is no hoard waiting inside. Its hide can be salvaged, however, and on a successful Scarce(-10) Influence test a craftsman in Imberkavitas will turn it into AP 5 armour covering the body, arms, and legs with a maximum Agility of 55. It doesn’t cover the head but has 10 points higher maximum Agility compared to light carapace.


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