Wrenwrick Crik Chaos Landing

One of the towns in the Vestitas hexcrawl is called Brandt’s Landing, and due to the Warp shenanigans of a herald of Slaanesh called the Thin Man, there exists in the Warp a mirror image of Brandt’s Landing overrun with spooky daemons and heavily corrupted Chaos cultists. The fundamental goal of the Thin Man is to make the real Brandt’s Landing look like Chaos Landing, but with a much more dense population of grotesquely mutilated damned souls staggering about the streets. This here is the key for one neighborhood in particular of Chaos Landing, called Wrenwrick Crik. Brandt’s Landing is Slaanesh-themed, and while it doesn’t really come up in this particular segment, be advised that the existence of the sex trade is briefly acknowledged.

A1) This is the puppet shop from the Wrenwrick Crik Witch entry of the Brandt’s Landing urbancrawl.

A2) This is the local church in Wrenwrick Crik. It’s small and home to only a single Ministorum priest in the Materium. In the Warp reflection, it contains only a pair of puppets and the apparition of a sororitas holding a staff and standing at the altar under a beam of pale light through a window above. When the players draw near, she shimmers away like a mirage to reveal a Thin Man maggotface holding a crescent blade instead. After killing the maggotface, the area is cleared and will no longer restock. Its random encounters retreat to the first available area of Winter Estates (E), Red Row (F), Oldtown (G), Winter Harbour (C), East Vale (D), or Fireside Downs (B).  

A3) This is the Chaos version of the Wrenwrick Inn from Brandt’s Landing. It’s got a lurcher and two puppets lurking about outside it. Inside is empty except for the hidden smugglers den, which can be found with a Challenging(+0) Awareness check or automatically if the players already know where the smugglers’ den from Wrenwrick Crik is.

Inside is a man hunched over, his features covered by a heavy scarf and his heavy winter clothes. He clutches a key in his hands. This is the key to the mausoleum in A4. The man mutters to himself. He is recently born and has not yet decided whether he wants to follow the purpose for which he was created, serving his master as a slave in all but name, or try and strike out on his own, knowing that his demise at the hands of his master would then be inevitable. Which of two dooms is preferred? If asked about the key, he will say “I’m not supposed to give it to anyone.” His starting disposition is a lukewarm 40, and he has the clever personality, but when reduced to zero he will rise from his seat, his scarf falling away from his face to his neck and revealing him to be a maggotface, and attack the players.

Nearby Wrenwrick Inn is the bridge to Winter Estates, however it has collapsed. The waters below are filled with teeming tentacles. They reach out and latch onto characters in the water, each one requiring either a Difficult(-10) Dodge check to avoid or, failing that, a Challenging(+0) Athletics check to escape. Each Athletics check after the first, the character is held under water and begins to suffocate. If a character manages to survive five attempted tentacle grabs, they reach the other shore and are in Winter Estates at E2.

A4) This is the woods south of Wrenwrick Crik. There is a mausoleum here, guarded by a pack of five skin wolves. It is locked, and the chains on it are unnaturally strong as plasteel despite appearing to be rusted iron. The door itself is stone. It is possible, though not at all easy, to carve through these with sheer firepower. The key to them can be found in the hidden smugglers’ den at A3. Inside the mausoleum is a tunnel where the coffin would be, and this tunnel is A5.

A5) The tunnel is very tight and narrow at first, but opens up into a large chamber of damp stone, lined on all sides with catacomb niches containing skulls, and larger shelves containing complete skeletons or partially rotted corpses. A full dozen of these corpses will animate and attack the acolytes who enter. They have the same stats as puppets.

Roll a random encounter whenever the players are in combat for four or more rounds in one location or spend a lot of time waiting around between encounters.

Roll Encounter
1 (3)Three puppets
2 (2)One lurcher
3 (1)One pale lady
4 (2)Pack of three skin wolves
5 (1)One maggotface

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